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Proud to be British

Humilton Group, a British Company who’s mission is to invest in the quality of British Brands

Our Story

Humilton Group was setup by 2 brothers who have a dream to build a British company to support the growing British manufacturing industry, bringing quality and innovative products/ideas to market.

Since being established in September 2018 we have built and supported several brands:

    • SnuglyHugly®
    • Sathreen™
    • DaGeo™

We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

Our Values


Our Mission is to support and invest in British Brands, Manufacturing and Product. Key to this is our own Brands and Investments.


To drive, support and investment in manufacturing of textiles and products within the UK.


To improve imports in the production of British products and develop UK based materials manufacturing.


To bring back the Quality of British manufacturing and what it means to our nation and the world.

“Dedicated to driving product design, material and manufacturing within the United Kingdom”

Our Brands


Our flagship product also called a SnuglyHugly, is a luxurious and extremely comforting piece of clothing that will keep you warm and dry with its built in “Wetless” technology. You can wear this piece of clothing anywhere, such as Music festivals, snuggle up indoors whilst watching a movie, a cool evening in the garden with friends, away camping to keep those evening chills at bay and even if it rains you will remain dry. Our SnuglyHugly is the longest on the market, has a zipped utility safety pocket to store your essential items such as mobile phone, purse/wallet, keys etc. Our product is made with high quality Sherpa Fleece so you will love the feel and never be cold… Relax in your very own SnuglyHugly…


Sathreen will be an exclusive line of Ladies Clothing along with order to size, specifically in the Petite line.


DaGeo will be an exclusive line of Mens Clothing.

If your a UK Manufacturer or looking to grow your Brand you are welcome to contact us